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Composition Catalogue - Complete List of Works


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The following is a complete and, it is hoped, accurate listing of the compositions of Harold Arlen, both published and unpublished, including those published under the name of Harold Arluck. The motion pictures are followed by the month and year of the film's release.

The stage productions are followed by their opening dates. All of the songs written for a particular film or production are listed, whether or not they appeared in the final version.

    • Published songs are indicated with an asterisk (*).
    • Songs included in the Harold Arlen Songbook are indicated with two asterisks (**).
    • Songs that are receiving their first publication in the Harold Arlen Songbook are indicated with three asterisks(***).

This list was compiled by David Bickman and Edward Jablonski and is used by permission.

Songs written in the year:


  • My Gal, Won't You Come Back To Me? (My Gal, My Pal) (lyric: Hyman Cheiffetz)
  • I Never Knew What Love Could Do (lyric: Hyman Cheiffetz)

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  • Easy Strain (lyric: Phil Shapiro)
  • I Want Your Kisses If You Want My Kisses (lyric: Phil Shapiro)

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  • Minor Gaff (Blues Fantasy)(instrumental by Harold Arluck & Dick George)*

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  • Buffalo Rhythm (instrumental by Harold Arluck, Ivan Beaty & Marvin Smolev)*

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  • Rhythmic Moments (for solo piano)*
  • Jungaleena (lyric: Herb Magdison & James Cavanaugh)

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  • The Album Of My Dreams (lyric: Lou Davis)*
  • Can't Be Bothered With No One But You (lyric: Charles Tobias)
  • Heap O'Misery (lyric:Ted Koehler)
  • Rising Moon (lyric: Jack Ellis)*
  • That 's What I Call Love (lyric: Jack Ellis)
  • Gladly (lyric: Ted Koehler)*
  • Who Could Say No? (lyric:Ted Koehler)
  • Bring Him Back Here (lyric: Lou Davis)
  • Does This Go On Forever? (lyric: Jack Ellis)
  • Don't You See What Troubles Me (lyric: Jack Ellis)

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NINE-FIFTEEN REVUE (opened February 11, 1930)
Lyrics by Ted Koeher

  • Gee It's So Good, It's Too Bad
  • Get Happy*
  • You Wanted Me, I Wanted You*

EARL CARROLL'S VANITIES OF 1930 (opened July 1, 1930)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • Contagious Rhythm *
  • Hittin' The Bottle*
  • The March Of Time*
  • One Love *
  • Out Of A Clear Blue Sky *

BIFF-BOOM-BANG (dates unknown)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • I Was Born With The Blues In My Heart
  • I'll Call It Love
  • Old Fashioned
  • On The Beat
  • Opening
  • Shakin' The African
  • Steps

BROWN SUGAR (opened Fall 1930)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • Chase The Cat
  • Harlem's Hot As Hades
  • Heap O' Misery
  • La Rhumba
  • Linda *
  • Misbehavin' Hips
  • My Man Must Dance
  • Song Of The Gigolo *
  • Toothache Blues

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  • Ha-Ha-Ha (Gang Song) (lyric: Ted Koehler)
  • Tell Me With A Love Song (lyric: Ted Koehler)*

YOU SAID IT (opened January 19, 1931)
Lyrics by Jack Yellen

  • Alma Mater
  • Beatin'The Blues
  • Bright And Early
  • Best Part College Days
  • Harlem's Gone Collegiate
  • If He Really Loves Me*
  • It's Different With Me*
  • Learn To Croon*
  • Sweet And Hot*
  • They Learn About Women From Me
  • What Do We Care?*
  • What'd We Come To College For?*
  • Where, Oh Where?
  • While You Are Young*
  • You'll Do*
  • You Said It *

RHYTH-MANIA (opened March, 1931)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea**
  • Breakfast Dance
  • Get Under The Sun*
  • I Love A Parade*
  • Kickin' The Gong Around*
  • 'Neath The Pale Cuban Moon*
  • Satan Leads The Band
  • Trickeration
  • Without Rhythm

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  • The Song That Makes Me Blue (lyric: Jack Yellen)*
  • I Forgive You (lyric: Jack Yellen)*
  • Y' Got Me, Baby (lyric: Jack Yellen)*
  • Stepping Into Love (lyric: Ted Koehler)*
  • Music, Music, Everywhere But Not A Song In My Heart (lyric: Ted Koehler)*
  • Another Night Alone (lyric: Ted Koehler)*

EARL CARROLL'S VANITIES OF 1932 (opened September 27,1932)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues**
  • Rockin' In Rhythm*
  • The Most Beautiful Girls In The World
  • Swingin' Along

AMERICANA (opened October 5, 1932)

  • Satan's Li'l Lamb (lyric: E.Y. Harburg & Johnny Mercer)**

COTTON CLUB PARADE (21st Edition) (opened October 23, 1932)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • A La Lenox Avenue
  • All Aboard
  • Deep Sea Divin' Papa
  • Harlem Holiday*
  • In The Silence Of The Night*
  • I've Got The World On A String**
  • Let's Put On The Ritz
  • Minnie The Moocher's Wedding Day*
  • New Kind O'Rhythm
  • That's What I Hate About Love*
  • You Gave Me Everything But Love*

GEORGE WHITE'S MUSIC HALL VARIETIES (opened November 22, 1932)

  • Cabin In The Cotton (lyric: Irving Caesar & George White)
  • I Love A Parade (lyric: Ted Koehler)*
  • Two Feet In Two-Four Time (lyric: Irving Caesar)*

THE GREAT MAGOO (opened December 2,1932)

  • It's Only A Paper Moon (lyric: Billy Rose & E.Y. Harburg)**

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  • Shame On You (lyric: Edward Heyman)*

COTTON CLUB PARADE (22nd Edition) (opened April 6, 1933)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • Calico Days
  • Get Yourself A New Broom (And Sweep The Blues Away)
  • Happy As The Day Is Long**
  • I'm Lookin' For Another Handy Man
  • Muggin' Lightly
  • Raisin' The Rent*
  • Stormy Weather**

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LET'S FALL IN LOVE (released January, 1934)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • Breakfast Ball
  • Let's Fall In Love**
  • Love Is Love Anywhere*
  • She's Not The Type
  • This Is Only The Beginning*
  • Swede Is Not A Swede

COTTON CLUB PARADE (24th Edition) (opened March 23,1934)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • As Long As I Live**
  • Breakfast Ball*
  • Here Goes*
  • Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)**
  • Primitive Prima Donna
  • Those Who Dance
  • You Sure Don't Know How To Shake That Thing

LIFE BEGINS AT 8:40 (opened August 27, 1934)
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin & E.Y. Harburg

  • Album Song
  • All The Elks And Masons
  • C'est La Vie
  • Fun To Be Fooled**
  • I Couldn't Hold My Man
  • I Knew Him When
  • I'm A Collector Of Moonbeams
  • I'm Not Myself
  • It Was Long Ago
  • It Was Never Like This
  • Let's Take A Walk Around The Block**
  • Life Begins
  • Life Begins At City Hall
  • My Paramount-Publix-Roxy Rose
  • Quartet Erotica
  • Shoein' The Mare*
  • Spring Fever
  • Things
  • Weekend Cruise (Will You Love Me Monday Morning As You Did On Friday Night?)
  • What Can You Say In A Love Song?
  • You're A Builder Upper*

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  • Last Night When We Were Young (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)**

GENERAL MOTORS SYMPHONY HOUR (radio broadcast - December, 1935)

  • Mood In Six Minutes (orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett)

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STRIKE ME PINK (released January, 1936)
Lyrics by Lew Brown

  • Calabash Pipe*
  • First You Have Me High (Then You Have Me Low)*
  • If I Feel This Way Tomorrow
  • The Lady Dances*
  • Shake It Off (With Rhythm)*

THE SINGING KID (released April, 1936)
Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

  • Here's Looking At You
  • I Love To Sing-a *
  • My, How This Country Has Changed
  • Save Me, Sister*
  • You're The Cure For What Ails Me**
  • Who's The Swingingest Man In Town?

STAGE STRUCK (released September, 1936)
Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

  • Fancy Meeting You**
  • Four Fugitives From A Bolero Chain Gang
  • In Your Own Quiet Way *
  • Love Theme (instrumental)
  • The New Parade
  • Why Can't I Remember Your Name?
  • You're Kinda Grandish

GOLD DIGGERS OF 1937 (released December, 1936)
Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

  • Hush Ma Mouth
  • Let's Put Our Heads Together*
  • Life Insurance Song*
  • Speaking Of The Weather*
  • The Whippoorwill In The Weeping Willow Tree
  • 2/4 "Girl Number"' (instrumental)

THE SHOW IS ON (opened December 25, 1936)

  • Song Of The Woodman (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)
  • How's By You (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)
  • I'll Thank You To Stay Out Of My Dreams (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)
  • It's A Long, Long Way To Broadway (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)

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  • The Peter Pan Of Tin Pan Alley (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)
  • When The Wind Blows South (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)***

ARTISTS AND MODELS (released August, 1937)

  • Public Melody Number One (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)

HOORAY FOR WHAT! (opened December 1, 1937)
Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

  • Buds Won't Bud**
  • Down With Love**
  • A Fashion Girl
  • God's Country**
  • Hero Ballet
  • Hooray For What?
  • I Click The Heel And I Kiss The Hand
  • I'm Hanging On To You
  • I've Gone Romantic On You*
  • In The Shade Of The New Apple Tree**
  • Life's A Dance*
  • Long Ago, Far Away, Once Upon A Time
  • Moanin' In The Mornin'**
  • Napoleon's A Pastry
  • That Night Of The Embassy Ball
  • Viva For Geneva

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  • Love's A Necessary Thing (lyric: Ted Koehler) *

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  • Let's Hit The Nail On The Head (lyric: Ted Koehler)*
  • You've Got Me Sittin' On The Fence (lyric: Ted Koehler)*

LOVE AFFAIR (released March, 1939)

  • Sing, My Heart (lyric: Ted Koehler)*

THE W1ZARD OF OZ (released August, 1939)
Lyrics By E.Y. Harburg

  • Ding-Dong! The Witch, Is Dead**
  • Follow The Yellow Brick Road
  • If I Only Had A Brain (A Heart; The Nerve)**
  •  If I Were King Of The Forest*
  • The Jitterbug*
  • Lullaby League And Lollypop Guild*
  • The Merry Old Land Of Oz*
  • Munchkinland*
  • Optimistic Voices (co-composer: Herbert Stothart)**
  • Over The Rainbow*
  • We're Off To See The Wizard*

AT THE CIRCUS (released November, 1939)
Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

  • Lydia The Tattooed Lady*
  • Step Up And Take A Bow
  • Swingali
  • Two Blind Loves*

GOOD NEWS (radio program - December, 1939)

  • American Minuet *

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  • I'll Supply The Title, You'll Supply The Tune (lyric: Ira Gershwin)
  • Lonesome And Low (lyric: Ted Koehler)

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  • The Bug (for solo piano)
  • Heave Ho! Let The Wind Blow! (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)
  • Like A Straw In The Wind (lyric: Ted Koehler) (note: first published 1962)**
  • When The Sun Comes Out (lyric: Ted Koehler)**

AMERICANEGRO SUITE (for voices and piano)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • Big Time Comin'*
  • I Got Dat Feelin'*
  • I'm Here Lawd*
  • Little Ace O'Spades*
  • Reverend Johnson's Dream*
  • Where Is Dis Road A-leadin' Me To?*

BLUES IN THE NIGHT (released Decernber. 1941)
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

  • Blues In The Night**
  • Hang On To Your Lids, Kids*
  • Says Who, Says You, Says I!*
  • This Time The Dream's On Me**
  • Wait'll It Happens To You

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  • Life Could Be A Cakewalk With You (lyric: Ted Koehler)*
  • The Moment I Laid Eyes On You (lyric: Ted Koehler)*

CAPTAINS OF THE CLOUDS (released February,1942)

  • Captains Of The Clouds (lyric: Johnny Mercer)*

RIO RITA (released May, 1942)
Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg

  • A Couple Of Caballeros
  • Long Before You Came Along*
  • Poor Whippoorwill
  • Such Unusual Weather

STAR SPANGLED RYTHM (released December, 1942)
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

  • He Loved Me Till The All Clear Came
  • Hit The Road To Dreamland**
  • I'm Doing It For Defense*
  • Let's Go Sailor (Shore Leave)
  • Old Glory*
  • On The Swing Shift*
  • Sharp As A Tack*
  • A Sweater, A Sarong, And A Peek-A-Boo Bang
  • That Old Black Magic**

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  • If That's Propaganda (lyric: lra Gershwin & E.Y. Harburg)*

THEY GOT ME COVERED (released March, 1943)

  •  Palsy Walsy (lyric: Johnny Mercer)*

CABIN IN THE SKY (released May, 1943)
Lyrics by E.Y Harburg

  • Ain' It De Truth?**
  • Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe**
  • I Got A Song
  • Jezebel Jones
  • Life's Full of Consequence**
  • Li'l Black Sheep
  • Petunia's Prayer
  • Some Folks Work (Is You Man Or Mule?)

THE SKY'S THE LIMIT (released September, 1943)
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

  • Hangin' On To You
  • Harvey, The Victory Garden Man*
  • A Lot In Common With You*
  • My Shining Hour**
  • One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)**

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MEET THE PEOPLE (released 1944)

  • Heave-Ho, Let The Wind Blow (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)

UP IN ARMS (released March, 1944)
Lyrics by Ted Koehler

  • All Out For Freedom (Dedicated to Anya)*
  • Now I Know*
  • Tess's Torch Song*

KISMET (released August, 1944)
Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg

  • I See A Morning Star
  • Tell Me, Tell Me, Evening Star*
  • Willow In The Wind*

BLOOMER GIRL (opened November 5, 1944)
Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg

  • Civil War Ballet
  • The Eagle And Me**
  • Evelina**
  • Farmer's Daughter
  • I Got A Song*
  • I Never Was Born
  • It Was Good Enough For Grandma
  • Liza Crossing The Ice
  • Lullaby (Satin Gown And Silver Shoe)
  • Man For Sale
  • Pretty As A Picture
  • The Rakish Young Man With The Whiskers
  • Right As The Rain**
  • Simon Legree
  • Style Show Ballet
  • Sunday In Cicero Falls
  • T'morra, T'morra*
  • Welcome Hinges
  • When The Boys Come Home*

HERE COME THE WAVES (released December, 1944)
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

  • Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive**
  • Got To Wear You Off My Weary Mind
  • I Owe It All To You
  • Here Come The Waves*
  • I Promise You*
  • Let's Take The Long Way Home**
  • My Mamma Thinks I'm A Star
  • The Navy Song
  • There's A Fella Waitin' In Poughkeepsie*
  • A Woman's Work Is Never Done

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OUT OF THIS WORLD (released June, 1945)
Lyrics by Johny Mercer

  • June Comes Around Every Year*
  • Out Of This World*

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ST. LOUIS WOMAN (opened March 30,1946)
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

  • Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home**
  • Cakewalk Your Lady*
  • Chinquapin Bush
  • Come On, Li'l Augie
  • Come Rain Or Come Shine**
  • High, Low, Jack And The Game
  • I Feel My Luck Comin' Down
  • I Had Myself A True Love**
  • I Wonder What Became Of Me?**
  • Least That's My Opinion
  • Leavin' Time
  • Legalize My Name*
  • Li'l Augie Is A Natural Man
  • Lim'ricks
  • Lullaby***
  • A Man's Gotta Fight
  • Racin' Form
  • Ridin' On The Moon*
  • Sleep Peaceful, Mr. Used-To-Be
  • Somethin' You Gotta Find Out Yourself
  • Sow The Seed And Reap The Harvest
  • Talkin' Glory
  • We Shall Meet To Part, No Never
  • A Woman's Prerogative*

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  • After All (lyric: Ted Koehler)*

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CASBAH (released May, 1948)
Lyrics by Leo Robin

  • For Every Man There's A Woman**
  • Hooray For Love**
  • Hotel Oasis (Instrumental)
  • It Was Written In The Stars**
  • The Monkey Sat In The Cocoanut Tree
  • What's Good About Goodbye?**

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  • Tell Me In Your Own Sweet Way (lyric: Bob Hilliard)

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THE PETTY GIRL (released September, 1950)
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

  • Ah Loves Ya!*
  • The Calypso Song*
  • Fancy Free*
  • The Petty Girl

MY BLUE HEAVEN (released Seprember, 1950)
Lyrics by Ralph Blane & Harold Arlen

  • Cosmo Cosmedics
  • Don't Rock The Boat, Dear*
  • The Friendly lslands*
  • Halloween*
  • I Love A New Yorker*
  • It's Deductible*
  • Live Hard, Work Hard, Love Hard*
  • What A Man!

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MR. IMPERIUM (released October, 1951)
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields

  • Andiamo*
  • Let Me Look At You*
  • My Love An' My Mule*

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Lyrics by Ralph Biane & Harold Arlen

  • Back Where I Come From
  • The Friendly Islands
  • From Island to Island
  • I'm A Ruler Of A South Sea Island
  • Inspection
  • The Opposite Sex
  • Twenty-seven Elm Street
  • What Make De Diff'rence?
  • When You're In Love
  • Who Will It Be When The Time Comes?**

THE FARMER TAKES A WIFE (released June, 1953)
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields

  • Can You Spell Schenectady?
  • The Erie Canal
  • I Could Cook
  • I Was Wearin' Horse Shoes
  • Look Who's Been Dreaming
  • On The Erie Canal
  • Somethin' Real Special
  • Today I Love Everybody**
  • We're Doin' It For The Natives In Jamaica
  • We're In Business
  • When I Close My Door
  • With The Sun Warm Upon Me**
  • Yes!

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  • There's No Substitute For A Man (lyric: Howard Dietz)

A STAR IS BORN (released October, 1954)
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin

  • Dancing Partner
  • Gotta Have Me Go With You*
  • Green Light Ahead
  • Here's What I'm Here For*
  • I'm Off The Downbeat
  • It's A New World*
  • Lose That Long Face*
  • The Man That Got Away**
  • Someone At Last*
  • The T.V. Commercial

THE COUNTRY GIRL (released December, 1954)
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin

  • Commercials: Llebermeyer Beer, Jamaica Chewing Gum, Honey-Sweet Peanut Brittle
     Ups-A-Daisy Shaving Cream, Boston Ballpoint, Dr. Brett Dog And Cat Food
  • Dissertation On The State Of Bliss (Love and Learn)**
  • It's Mine, It's Yours (The Pitchman)
  • The Land Around Us
  • The Search Is Through*

HOUSE OF FLOWERS (opened December 30,1954)
Lyrics by Truman Capote & Harold Arlen

  • Bamboo Cage
  • Can I Leave Off Wearn' My Shoes*?
  • Can You Explain?
  • Don't Like Goodbyes**
  • Has I Let You Down?
  • House Of Flowers**
  • House Of Flowers Waltz
  • Husband Cage
  • I Never Has Seen Snow**
  • Indoor Girl (lyric: Michael Brown)
  • Love's No Stranger To Me
  • Madame Tango's Tango
  • Mardi Gras
  • Monday Through Sunday
  • One Man (Ain' Quite Enough)*
  • A Sleepin' Bee**
  • Slide, Boy, Slide
  • Smellin' Of Vanilla*
  • These Moments
  • Turtle Song (One Lone Man Against The Sea)
  • Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree*
  • UnGarcon Cette
  • Waitin'*
  • What A Man Won't Do For A Woman
  • What Is A Friend For?*

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  • Stay Out Of My Dreams (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)

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  • Blues Opera Suite

JAMAICA (opened October 31, 1957)
Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

  • An' It De Truth? (note: written for the film CABIN IN THE SKY)
  • Cocoanut Sweet**
  • For Every Fish (There's A Little Bigger Fish)
  • Hooray For De Yankee Dollar
  • I Don't Think I'll End It All Today*
  • Incompatibility
  • Leave De Atom Alone
  • Little Biscuit*
  • Monkey In The Mango
  • Napoleon*
  • Pity De Sunset
  • Pretty To Walk With*
  • Push De Button**
  • Savanna*h
  • Savannah's Wedding Day
  • Take It Slow, Joe*
  • There's A Sweet Wind Blowin' My Way***
  • What Did Noah Do (When The Big Wind Came)?
  • What Good Does It Do?*
  • Whippoorwill

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  • In The Middle Of The Night (lyric: Paddy Chayeisky)

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SARATOGA (opened December 7. 1959)
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

  • Al Fresco
  • Bon Appetit (Menu Song)
  • Countin' Our Chickens
  • The Cure
  • Dog Cat Dog*
  • The Gamblers
  • A Game Of Poker*
  • Goose Never Be A Peacock**
  • Have You Heard? (Gossip Song)
  • Here Goes Nothing (note: earlier lyric for "You Or No One")
  • I'll Be Respectable
  • I'm Headed For Big Things
  • Lessons In Love
  • Love Held Lightly*
  • The Man In My Life*
  • One Step, Two Step
  • The Parks Of Paris*
  • Petticoat High*
  • Promenade (Market Cries)
  • Reading The News
  • Saratoga*
  • Workman's Song
  • You For Me*
  • You Or No One

FREE AND EASY (BLUES OPERA) (opened December 17,1959)
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

A Baby's Born; Bees 'n' Flowers; Bettin' Calls; Black Magic; Blind Man: Blow De Whistle; Blues; Blues In The Night; Boogle; Cake Song; Cakewalk Turns; Soft-shoe; Sword Dance; Cakewalk Your Lady; Champagne Fo' De Lady; Come Rain Or Come Shine; Conjure Man; Curse; De Right Answer; Della's Entrance (Watcha Sayin' Della?); Dis Is De Day; Dis Little While; Dissolves; Dixieland; Dressing Up Sequence; (Ridin' On The Moon); Easy Street; Elegy; First March; Fix Yo'self Up; Flower Vendor; Free And Easy (Any Place l Bang My Hat Is Home): Genteel Bastard; High Low, Jack And The Game; Higher Den De Moon; l Ain't Afraid; l Gotta Right To Sing The Blues; l Had Myself A True Love;l Wonder What Became Of Me; I'll Wind; Killing Sequence; Ladies'n'Gentlemen; Least That's My Opinion; Leavin' Time;
Legalize My Name; Like Clouds Up In The Sky; Live Hard, Work Hard, Love Hard; Look What A Hole You're ln; Lookin' Fo' Somebody; Lullaby; Lumpin'; Many Kinds Of Love; Minuet; Natchul Man; News Chant; One For The Road; Pandemonium; Race; Racin' Forms; Rainbow; Reap The Harvest; Second March; Second Wind; Sleep Peaceful, Mr. Used-To-Be; Snake Eyes; Somethin' Ya Gotta Find Out Yo' self; Streak O'Lightnin'; Sweetnin' Water; Tambourine; Tangissimo; Then Suddenly; Third March; Toastin' Sequence; Waltz, Dixieland; Whatcha Sayin'?; Wheel'Em And Deal 'Em; A Woman's Prerogatve; Won't Dat Be De Blessed Day?; Ya Pushin' Ya Luck

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  • Ode (for solo piano)
  • Bon-Bon (for solo piano)

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  • Happy With The Blues (lyric: Peggy Lee)**

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  • Abstractions (The Flight Of The Sleeping Pill) (for solo piano)
  • The Morning After (lyric: Dory Langdon)**

GAY PURR-EE (released, 1962)
Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg

  • Bubbles
  • Free At Last
  • The Horse Won't Talk
  • Little Drops Of Rain**
  • Mewsette*
  • The Money Cat***
  • Paris Is Lonely Town**
  • Roses Red - Violets Blue*
  • Take My Hand Paree

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  • So Long, Big Time! (lyric: Dory Langdon)**
  • You're Impossible (Iyric: Dory Langdon)*
  • Bad For Each Other (lyric: Carolyn Leigh)
  • The Silent Spring (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)***

I COULD GO ON SINGING (released March, 1963)

  • I Could Go On Singing (Till The Cows Come Home) (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)*

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  • Hurt But Happy (lyric: Dory Langdon)
  • I Could Be Good For You (lyric; Marfin Charnin)
  • Night After Night (lyric: Dory Langdon)
  • That Was The Love That Was (lyric: Dory Langdon)

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  • That's A Fine Kind O' Freedom (lyric: Martin Charnin)**
  • A Girl's Entitled (lyric: Martin Charnin)
  • John - John - John (John V. Lindsay) (lyric: Martin Charnin)
  • Let's Give The Job To Lindsay (lyric: Martin Charnin)
  • Little Travelbug (lyric: Martin Charnim)
  • Shoulda Stood In Bed (lyric: Martin Charnin)
  • Summer In Brooklyn (lyric: Martin Charnin)
  • This Ol' World (lyric: Martin Charnin)

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  • Come On, Midnight (lyric. Martin Charnin)
  • Spring Has Me Out On A Limb (lyric: Martin Charnin) (note: lyric Incomplete)

SOFTLY (unproduced musical)
Lyrics by Martin Charnin

  • Baby San
  • Been A Hell Of An Evening
  • The Brush Off
  • Don't Say "Love" - I've Been There And Back
  • Fish Go Higher Than Tigers
  • Happy Any Day
  • Hello (Herro)
  • I Will
  • Momma Knows Best
  • The More You See Of It
  • My Lady Fair
  • Once I Wore Ribbons Here
  • Pacific
  • Suddenly The Sunrise
  • Temples
  • We Were Always To Be Married
  • Works Both Ways
  • Why Do You Make Me Like You?
  • Yellow Rain
  • You Are Tomorrow
  • You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

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HOUSE OF FLOWERS (revival) (opened January 28,1968)
Lyrics by Truman Capote & Harold Arlen

  • Albertina's Beautiful Hair
  • Dark Song
  • Do Not Be Afraid Of Love
  • Jump De Broom*
  • Madame Tango's Particular Tango*
  • Somethin' Cold To Drink*
  • Walk To De Grave
  • Wife Never Understan'*
  • The Wonders Of A Barrel


  • Runaway World (lyric Bud McCreery) (note: lyric version of Ode)

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CLIPPETY CLOP AND CLEMENTINE (unproduced musical for television)
Lyrics by Harold Arlen

  • Clippety Clop And Clementine
  • Dreamin' Suits Me Just Fine
  • A Happy Recipe (A Nonsense Song)
  • I Had A Love Once***
  • Is What It's All About
  • Organic Food
  • Ridin' Through The Park In A Hansom Cab
  • This Way Or No Way At All

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  • Looks Like The End Of A Beautiful Friendship (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)
  • Promise Me Not To Love Me (lyric: E.Y. Harburg)***


  • I See A Rainbow (lyric: Ted Koehler)
  • Little Lady On The Cameo (lyric: Ted Koehler)
  • Memories Of Long Ago (lyric: Ted Koehler)
  • Out Of My Dreams Into My Heart (lyric: Ted Koehler)
  • Is The Curtain Up? (lyric: Harold Arlen)
  • Refrain (music only)
  • Daniel The Social Lion (lyric: probably E. Y. Harburg)
  • Love Alone Lives On (lyric: probably Ted Koehler)

This list was compiled by David Bickman and Edward Jablonski (used by permission).

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(*) Published songs
(**)Songs included in the Harold Arlen Songbook
(***)Songs are receiving their first publication in the Harold Arlen Songbook