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It was 1933. Composer Harold Arlen and lyricist Ted Koehler had been writing together as a
team for the Cotton Club in Harlem, New York for three years. The creative duo were at a party
one evening fiddling around with a tune. Within a mere 30 minutes, they had completed a
masterpiece...Stormy Weather.

Arlen & Koehler created the song for Cotton Club regular Cab Calloway opening the song with
what Harold called a "front shout." But Calloway did not sign to appear in the 22nd edition of the Cotton Club Parade in '33. Therefore, the song was turned over to a different performer, singer
Ethel Waters. That same year, prior to Ms. Waters performance, the Leo Reisman Orchestra made
a recording of Stormy Weather. It became so popular by opening night of the 1933 Cotton
Club Parade, crowds of New York elites gathered just to hear Ethel Waters sing the new hit song.

Sam Arlen, Harold's son, pays homage to his father's composition with his rendition of Stormy Weather on his new CD, "Arlen Plays Arlen."

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