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 The Early Years
 A Dream to Perform
 The Cotton Club Years
 Let's Fall In Love - Anya Taranda
 We're Off To See The Wizard! - Composing the Score to the Wizard of Oz
 My Shining Hour - The Great Composer (Part 1)
 A Star is Born- The Great Composer (Part 2)
 Last Night When We Were Young - Conclusion



Harold Arlen writing at piano Harold Arlen wrote over 50 songs between 1961 and 1976 and continued to enjoy a successful career. For example, in 1961 he wrote the music for Gay Purr-ee and collaborated with Peggy Lee (lyrics) to write Happy With the Blues. Additionally, he worked with lyricist Andre Kostelanetz & Harold Arlen - B lues Opera SuiteDory Langdon to write So Long, Big Time! in 1963, and Fine Kind of Freedom in 1965 with lyricist Martin Charnin. He even completed a work entitled Blues Opera Suite, which premiered in Minneapolis on August 27, 1957 and was performed by Andre Kostelanetz at Carnegie Hall with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra on November 2, 1957.

Harold & AnyaSadly, the latter years of Harold's life were not spent basking in the glory of his success. Harold was distraught when he lost his wife to a brain tumor. For years, Anya had been having difficulty with speech and motor control. The once celebrated model had become almost unrecognizable. Yet Harold's love for her remained constant - with the same intensity as when he first met her. Anya Taranda Arlen died on March 9, 1970.

Harold ArlenAfter Anya's death, Harold seemed to lose interest in life. The man who loved to socialize withdrew from friends and even family. Depressed over Anya's passing, having difficulty sleeping, and suffering from Parkinson's Disease, he rarely went out or attended performances. On April 23, 1986, Harold Arlen succumbed to cancer. He died quietly at home with family in his apartment on Central Park West in New York City. He was 81 years old.

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